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Breath in...

This grass will go nicely next to that tree,

Breath out...

Aaah, its really coming together now~

Terragardens is a meditative game about building tiny self sustaining ecosystems in jars. Fill your favorite space to the brim zen gardens, scorching deserts, or recreations of your favorite spot in the local park.  

Planned Features:

  • A comprehensive list of customization tools
  • Soothing soundtrack
  • Atmospheric sound effects
  • Sharing your terrariums with others!
  • Ecosystem balancing puzzles
  • Creative mode~
  • Secret stuff!

Goals: (for now)

  1. A playable demo!
  2. Building a real terrarium in the real world!

Social media:

Best place to get our attention is in the comments right here, but were also on;

WordPress: because its just so darn amazing <we post here first!
Twitter: @GamesSpaghetti <W
Gamejolt: an equally wonderful place.

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