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Breath in...

This grass will go nicely next to that tree,

Breath out...

Aaah, its really coming together now~

Terragardens is a meditative game about building tiny self sustaining ecosystems in jars. Fill your favorite space to the brim with lush rain forests, scorching deserts, or recreations of your favorite spot in the local park.  

Planned Features:

  • A comprehensive list of customization tools
  • Soothing soundtrack
  • Atmospheric sound effects
  • Sharing your terrariums with others!
  • Looking other peoples terrariums
  • Free build mode
  • Self-sustaining mode
  • Secret stuff!


We started this project around mid July 2018 alongside Indietopia as part of their Accelerator program. Enthralled by other immersive relaxing experiences we wanted to make our own.

We're hoping to run a Kickstarter later this year to give ourselves the resources we need to really flesh out this game, and get the community involved! At the moment we're planning to release the game summer 2019.

Right now though, a playable demo is our priority!

Social media:

Best place to get our attention is in the comments right here, but were also on;

Twitter: @GamesSpaghetti
Gamejolt: an equally wonderful place.
WordPress: because its just so darn amazing free

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